The sheer size, scale and wide variety of land use proposed within the Nelson Cove project has required us to seriously consider how the new community and visitors will be able to move about.

We believe a 10 kilometre plus light rail transport system is the long term answer and we have planned for it. Eventually, we believe it conceivable that the light rail could commence at Geelong Railway Station and conclude at the Point Henry pier, stopping at many “tram stops” along the way.

Nelson Cove is prepared to allocate the necessary land for the light rail route on our property. Our challenge ahead is to convince adjoining land owners and governments at all levels to allocate land and fund the required rail infrastructure at an appropriate time in the future.

Our masterplan also suggests (subject to CSIRO approval) a new boulevard link road connecting the Nelson Cove project directly to the CBD along the coast.

Plans are also in place for new dedicated bayside pedestrian and bike paths from one end of the project to the other.