The Masterplan

Geelong is a sleeping giant with enormous potential just waiting to be unlocked. It is a city in transition with a rapidly growing population, mature infrastructure and natural beauty – all within an hour’s drive from the heart of Melbourne, Victoria. Nelson Cove sits just 2 kilometres east of the Geelong CBD. It comprises nearly 500 hectares of disused beachfront land which has been locked away from the public for over a century and used solely for commercial purposes – primarily as salt production fields. We have a bold plan to remediate this land, open it to the public, and, create a world class new township that will:

  • create thousands of new jobs;
  • put Geelong firmly on the international tourism map;
  • open up kilometres of new public beaches;
  • stimulate capital investment in modern, hi-tech industries and education; and
  • inject well over $4 Billion of economic activity into the region.

This is the latest version of our Nelson Cove masterplan. It’s a dynamic plan which will evolve on receipt of new research, community input and general suggestions.

Download Masterplan