A combination of technology innovations and more than 20 years of proven engineering experience developing very similar projects means we have the skillsets on hand to successfully transform the Moolap salt fields into a world class, sustainable new township with:

  • 20+ hectares of enhanced, protected wetlands reserved at Moolap and 430 hectacres of land nearby at Lara protected forever as a permanent sanctuary for migratory wading birds;
  • well over 3 kilometres of new beaches, parks and other “green spaces” for the public to enjoy;
  • engineered fill and a raised, yet completely hidden sea wall along the coast to protect hundreds of existing homes currently under threat to the south of the Moolap property;
  • reticulation of “third pipe” infrastructure throughout the whole project so that recycled water can be distributed and used for private and public gardens and toilet flushing;
  • a design panel in place to ensure all buildings are sustainably designed and constructed; and
  • an extensive network of bike, walking and jogging tracks to encourage healthy living.

Contrary to speculation by some, Nelson Cove has been designed to not require any significant importation of fill material to raise the levels of the proposed residential and commercial platforms. We do not propose to dredge the bay or use dredged materials. We do not propose to import vast quantities of fill from outside our property boundaries. Our plan is a widely employed and very successful “balanced cut and fill” solution. In laymens terms this means the material we excavate out of the proposed internal waterways is broadly equal to the material required to be placed in the areas where construction is proposed. All new houses at Nelson Cove will be at least 2.5 metres above sea level. By comparison, most well established residential areas already developed south of Nelson Cove are sitting on land which is set at or marginally above sea level.

The Nelson Cove engineering works will effectively solve these current flood and drainage issues in Moolap and Newcomb.