The Nelson Cove project would present remarkably similar technical challenges to the multi award winning Sanctuary Lakes Resort project we very successfully constructed over a 20 year period at Point Cook, Victoria. Originally constructed on commercial salt extraction fields, Sanctuary Lakes is now fully complete with over 3,000 homes clustered around 160 hectares of lakes, wetlands, and a championship golf course.

Sanctuary Lakes successfully changed wider community perceptions of Melbourne’s west which until then, was widely considered a “developer’s graveyard”. Research shows that an average of 1,200 construction workers were employed annually over the 20 year project construction period. It also injected well over $2 billion of economic activity into the region over that period.

The Nelson Cove project is larger with a much more diverse range of land use proposed. We conservatively estimate it will employ well over 2,000 construction workers annually for at least 15 years and employ a workforce of at least 3,000 in the fields of education, commerce, industry, entertainment, retail and hospitality forever when fully up and running.